Find Out Why You Need a Low-Voltage System

Learn how these systems affect your daily routine in or around Sparta, Rockford, MI & surrounding areas

Low-voltage systems play big roles in your life. Without these systems, items that we take for granted, like phones, thermostats, landscape lights and alarm systems, wouldn't work. Luckily, the contractors at Swanson's Electrical Services Inc are here to help with your data wiring and system installation and testing needs in the Sparta & Rockford, MI area.

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Ensure that your low-voltage equipment is set up for success

Ensure that your low-voltage equipment is set up for success

From calling a client at work to flipping on a light at home, low-voltage wiring is necessary for many of our daily tasks. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to install, wire and test various low-voltage systems. For example, our team can install:

  • Phone systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security alarm systems
  • HVAC control systems
  • Lighting control systems

If you reside in or around Sparta, MI, make us your go-to source for data wiring, system installation and equipment testing services. Speak with one of our pros about your needs by calling 616-205-5636 today.